Platemaking Services

We produce our own photopolymer plates for letterpress printing here at Kiss The Paper. We only produce plates once a week, as we have busy lives printing and wearing other hats to run a business! Our schedule for platemaking is:

Tuesday - receive negative-ready files by noon
Wednesday - we make the plates
Thursday - we ship out the plates


  • We only expose KF95 plates (for standard bases)
  • We charge $0.70 per square inch
  • We expose up to 8.25x11"
  • Negative-ready files are files that look like a photographic negative. Everything that you want to print needs to be white and everything you don't want to print needs to be black. The best files are vector based files, so we accept .PDF, .AI and .EPS. 
  • Fonts need to be outlined
  • Your negative-ready file needs to be right-reading
  • When sending your file please include your mailing address for a proper shipping quote
  • Once we receive your files we will send you an invoice; payment must be made before plate processing. We accept e-transfer and PayPal.
  • If you require plates outside of our schedule, we will charge a $20 rush fee. Plates will ship out the next business day upon receiving payment for the plates.
  • Adhesive backing and a clear bag will be provided