Kiss The Paper is a woman owned and operated letterpress studio in Caistor Centre, Ontario, Canada. The presswoman and owner and wearer-of-all-hats to the business is Olga Luehmann. Olga studied printmaking at the Ontario College of Art and Design and bought her first tabletop letterpress back in 2012. Since then she has taught numerous workshops on letterpress, attended craft shows, launched her product line to the wholesale world, and acquired many thousands of pounds of antique presses and machinery. Her studio is located in the double garage of their country home in Caistor Centre. She is inspired by nature, animals, great design and hand lettering. 

After becoming a mom in 2019 (and again in 2021), AND navigating life during the pandemic, Kiss The Paper has shifted in process and production. Due to the time consuming nature of letterpress printing, Olga decided to create mini collections to streamline the design and production of her stationery. These mini collections share a theme and most importantly, share a colour palette within the designs. Since letterpress printing is printing with one colour, and one sheet at a time on the press, this allows more batch printing to be done as many designs can utilize the same ink colour on the press. Olga has pushed this even further by offering more colours on her designs than you typically see in the market for letterpress stationery. We hope you fall in love with our high quality, sweet and sassy cards and paper goods!