Kiss The Paper offers custom design and printing services for your project. Our capabilities include: 

Letterpress printing: using digital photopolymer plates, lead and wood type, and hand carved wood blocks. We use Van Son Rubber Based Inks to mix any custom Pantone colour in the uncoated guide, as well as oil based neon and metallic inks. We can also print blind impressions where there is no visible ink but an impression of your image/text onto paper.

Hot Foil printing: we now offer printing with hot foils which include metallic shades, solid colour shades, holographic and clear foils. Our standard foils at the moment are metallic gold, silver, rose gold and copper. 

Die cutting: we are now offering custom shapes for you project using our Cricut machine, as well as traditional die cutting with steel rule dies for high print runs.

Duplexing: create multi-ply papers by gluing sheets together.

Edge painting: paint the edges of paper for your project in any custom colour you choose using high quality acrylic paint. 

Digital printing: we do not offer digital printing at this time.

We print everything by hand on our antique presses using the highest quality cotton papers in a range of thicknesses, textures and colours.

Our turnaround time is generally 5-8 business days, upon receiving the final design.

Interested in a quote? Please leave a detailed description of your project including the quantity, size, number of colours (letterpress, blind or foil), paper colour choice and design (whether you will provide or we will design):


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