Traditional Type Setting

We have a selection of lead and wood type that we use to print with. Our collection is small but mighty! We print our packaging and tags with type, and we try to design our stationery with type in mind. 

Photopolymer Plate

Photopolymer plate is a light sensitive plastic material that can produce a relief to print on a letterpress, a revolutionary process created in the 60's. The process involves printing a negative, exposing the raw plate to UV light, washing out the unexposed polymer, drying, and post-exposure. The finished plate is then mounted on an aluminum base using a double-sided adhesive sheet, and together they reach type high.

Lino Carving

We carve our relief prints using a PVC board called sintra. It has a smooth and hard surface like wood, and is easily to carve like traditional linoleum. Sintra board can last through many impressions without compressing or changing shape. We mount it on MDF to achieve type high on the press.