We wouldn't be anywhere without these beautiful antique machines!

Chandler & Price Pilot Old Style "The Captain"
Our first press, obtained in 2012 from Owosso, Michigan. It is a table top press, weighing in at around 200lb. Her chase size is 6.5x10" and can print up to 9x12" paper. She is operated by hand, without electricity. Every pull on the lever makes an impression.

Chandler & Price 12x18 Old Style "Big Mama"
Our second press, obtained in 2014 from Mississauga, Ontario. She is the mama version of the Pilot press, weighing in at 2000lb and is currently under reconstruction. We believe she was dropped once (maybe even twice) in her lifetime, and we're doing everything we can to get her up and running again. Her chase size is 12x18" and can print up to 14x20" paper. She will be operated by hand, using electricity. 

Vandercook 4 Proof Press "Vandy"
Our third press, obtained in 2017 from Chicago, Illinois. It is a cylinder style proof press, and she runs on electricity. A floor model press, weighing in at around 1000lb. Her bed size is 15" by 22" and can print up to 14.5x19" paper. She has a trip and print mode, and every hand crank makes an impression.